Monthly production capacity: more than 300 tons; annual developments: more than 1000 kinds of precision investment castings

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1991.10 Former company-Dongying Luchang Precision Casting Co., Ltd established.

1996.01 Management team led by General Manager Mr. David Wei starting to contract with Luchang Precision Casting Co., Ltd.

1998.06 Website: 电竞比分举荐尚牛比分 established

1998.12 ISO 9002: 1994 Quality Control System certified

2000.10 Dongying Giayoung Precision Metal Co., Ltd established

2004.08 Production line A with 1800 tons of the annual capability started operation, which is located at a new site covering 120,000m2

2005.06 Modern machining plant built and put in use

2007.10 Production Lines B1 &B2 started operation

2010.05 Awarded as Overall Strength Hundred Enterprises among all Chinese foundry enterprises

2010.09 New machining plant completed and put into use

2012.06 Capable of vacuum smelting castings

2012.12 North America Sales & Service Center - Giayoung Metal, Inc. (GYNA) established.

2016.05 ITCO international tank container organization


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We manufacture a wide range of steel alloys castings including stainless steel, heat resistant steel, carbon steel, low alloy, high temperature steels by silicasol lost wax process.

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